You can enjoy the succulent flavor of the finest wild caught seafood in Alaska. Salmon, Crab, Halibut & Cod are among the popular selections we offer. We catch, pack and ship your order at the peak of freshness. You’ll receive your seafood selections via FedEx overnight to your door.

Now you can enjoy Fresh Seafood From Alaska shipped directly to your door! We offer the freshest, most succulent Alaskan Seafood available. Select from Shellfish, Salmon and Whitefish.

Our Shellfish includes King Crab, Tanner Crab, Spot Prawns and Dungeness Crab. Love Salmon? We offer King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Sockeye Salmon. If you’re a White Fish lover you’ll enjoy our selection of Halibut, Black Cod and Ling Cod.

We also offer Smoked Products, Specialty Products and Package Deals of popular seafood. Our catch is NEVER FARMED, ONLY WILD CAUGHT and shipped directly to your door.