How did a small town girl from the midwest end up in Alaska catching the worlds tastiest seafood?

Read the remarkable story of Trish Pearson who left her small town roots behind and reinvented herself as one of Alaska’s top commercial seafood producers.
It all started when I left my little hometown in Central Illinois. I went to visit my oldest daughter in Sitka Alaska where she was stationed with the United States Coast Guard.

This is when I fell in love with the state of Alaska! The moment I discovered the quiet little island of Baranof it felt like home.

After my visit I went back home to Illinois and packed a couple of bags and my best friend “Meaty”, my adorable and loving pug. We left the Continental United States for an unknown adventure.

While enjoying the Alaskan life and the amazing views I had every day, I met a man with a boat. Along with this man an his 53’ power troller the “Velvet” I fell in love. In love with the Ocean, and the freedom of being a fisherman. Fisherwoman? Fisherperson? You get the idea.

The life I experienced in that 4 years of living on the boat (Yes, I lived on this tiny boat) and living and breathing fishing. I found a peace I had not felt in forever. The captain on the Velvet taught me everything about fishing, I learned how to take care of each species we caught, to make sure it was “perfect”.

When offloading our catch to the processing plants is where I learned that our fish were never treated any different than anyone else’s. I watched other fisherman handle their product and yet some treated their catch like we did others just seemed not to care as much.

After a year of learning, I started to sell our catch to local markets in Ketchikan and Washington, and shipping into Boston and Chicago.I felt I had something in front of me that needed to be seen by so many more fish lovers. While out to sea I grew my fins as the local Ketchikan Mermaid, after much thought I put my sea legs away and opened “Fish From Trish”. A local Ketchikan processing plant to help other fisherman like us put their fish out to select markets.

I am called too picky at times when hand selecting my product now from other boats. I had to turn into the fish retailer and wholesaler and not spend my time at sea fishing.

The best part of my job is to listen to the fisherman and their stories of catching and what they saw. I always ask “what was the best thing you saw while you were gone?” I love to hear their stories, it’s always about the big one that got away. They know I miss being out there, but I’m here to help them now.

The next best thing is hearing from my customers. To listening and seeing how Fish From Trish has changed every day people like you an me to love WILD Alaskan Seafood. I want you to know that I will take care of your fish lover needs, and make sure you have the best product delivered to your door, from our local fisherman here in southeast Alaska.

NEVER FARMED ONLY WILD, and shipped directly to your door.