The following shipping prices are approximate, we may have to call you if something needs to be adjusted. Please feel free to call us at (907)220-0668 to place an order as well or email us at

0lb10lb $90-105

11lb – 14lbs $105-$115

15lb – 18lbs $115-$125

19lb – 29lb $125-$135

30lb – 39lb  $135-$170

40lb – 50lb(+) $170-$210(+)

We ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday ship out arrives Thursday, Friday ship out arrives Tuesday.
   Orders must be placed by 2PM Alaska Time (3:00pm Pacific, 4:00pm Mountain, 5:00 Central, 6:00pm Eastern) for UPS two-day delivery.
We ship UPS two-day to deliver your order. We reserve the right to use alternative shipping methods where it may be beneficial to the situation.
The additional day(s) ensure that your package will be kept frozen before and during its’ transit to you.

Fish From Trish will not be held liable for misrouted packages resulting from incorrect (unit number, state, zip code) that was provided by you.
We ship to all 48 States in the Continental U.S. Be sure to validate the shipping information you provided.
If you would like your order shipped to Hawaii there is a $35 surcharge.
Please call in advance before placing your order if it is being sent to Hawaii.

Weather Delays.
   Because we are located in Alaska we are subject to severe weather conditions during the Winter months.
If your package is delayed due to inclement weather neither we or UPS will be held liable.
We are CLOSED on Christmas Day December 25 and January 1st.

Fish From Trish will not be held liable for defrosted, thawed, not frozen shellfish.
When we package the shellfish they are in a frozen solid state at 0 or below.
Shellfish for orders is immediately placed in a foil liner along gels that is taped down to trap in cold, inside of a styrofoam box and then stored back in 0 or below freezers.
UPS unishippers also ensure it is stored in freezers between transit sites. We take every step available to us to ensure the shellfish will arrive to you in an acceptable state.
Excluding missing/undelivered packages, we do not offer refunds on shellfish orders.

Satisfaction Guarantee.
   Your package will arrive in either a frozen or chilled state.
If you receive your order and question it’s quality, you can call our Customer Service department at (907)220-0668 or email at
During our business hours a friendly, knowledgeable representative will assist you. If it is outside of business hours, they will return your call when back in the office.